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Wait! I'm not ready!

In considering end-of-life, whether just around the corner or likely years down the road, feelings such as fear, anger, grief, sadness, a sense of urgency, anxiety, and regret often come to the surface.  Much of this is due to the realization of unfinished business - the awareness that should I be gone tomorrow, I’m not done.

Developed by the Conscious Dying Institute, The Best 3 Months End-of-Life Planning helps you prepare for this eventuality. It asks the question, “If I have only 3 months to live, what matters most?”

The answers are discovered through a series of questions focusing on 5 domains of life:


Creating comfort, safety, and a healing environment


Honoring feelings and healing relationships


Honoring beliefs

and practices


Legacy life review


Honoring the body after death

Through this tool and our work together, I help you identify what matters most and the action steps needed to fulfill your end-of-life wishes and priorities. You will discover how to make the final three months of your life the best they can be for yourself and your loved ones. 

But what if I’m not dying yet?

The Best 3 Months is a helpful guide to living a better life now, regardless of one’s stage of life.

It’s never too soon to plan for end-of-life.

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